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The Palidine Series

Shield of the Palidine with NiEA    MToG Final Cover

Barbara T. Cerny has created a magical world that rivals that of Tolkien’s Middle Earth in Shield of the Palidine and its sequel, Magic Thief of Gavalos. Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite – 5 STARS

The Palidine Series follows Princess Elise d’Orleans, niece to King Louis XIII, and Pierre Tonnelier, the village’s journeyman cooper, through their adventures through a magical portal to a world (Amorgos) full of creatures from Greek Mythology. The first in the series, Shield of the Palidine (2012), chronicles the journey of Elise to the true Redeemer, of Pierre to a warrior of immense abilities, and their unbridled love, despite all the tensions of class, bigotry, and intolerance. The second in the series, Magic Thief of Gavalos (2015) continues the adventure as their two teenage children, Elam and Illieya, and Elam’s best friend, Chace, face down the witches in Olympus while Elise and Pierre have to find a way to rekindle their love and save their marriage while trying to save Amorgos once again. The third in the series, Book of The Arionon (early 2017), will follow a couple of modern day teens as they discover the portal to their own past as they meet the witches in the final battle for Olympus. The fourth in the series (yet to be written and named) will be the back story on how the Olympic Gods (witches) found the portal from Olympus to Earth, the banishment of races like minotaur, elves, pixies, ad centaur to Earth, and the journey of these races from Earth to Amorgos, where they eventually found sanctuary.



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