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SmexyBooksIt isn’t everyday you come  across a romance novel that tells a delicate story with such strength, style and grace. Chapter after chapter the characters were faced with a problem of sorts and the entertainment, the storytelling, rested soundly on their ordinary lives.  Lives so ordinary but written in a way that captivates. I  don’t know where Barbara T. Cerny has been all my life, but she’s firmly cemented as one of my fav reads of 2018 thus far with Tressa.

BookViralExquisitely told, powerful and thoroughly enjoyable Tressa is a must read for fans of Historical Fiction and is recommended without reservation.

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Driven from her Irish home to the shores of New York, Tressa must face the demons of her past while somehow pursuing the dreams of her future


Tressa has a 4.5-star average rating on iTunes out of 223 ratings.

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A wonderful and compelling storyline that drags the reader into it and makes you want to keep reading to the very end. Lynne Murray, Editor

Escaping personal tragedy, Tressa O’Daire leaves Dublin, Ireland, for a new start in Colonial New York. A baker by trade, she finds work with the Langley family as a nursemaid to their baby girl, all the while yearning to reclaim her love of baking and start her own business.

Ethan Langley, crippled in a riding accident that left him in a wheelchair, has spent the last eight years in his room hiding away from his family and the hatred of his brother, Heaton. The only bright spot in his life is his sister, Sarah. When a courageous and determined young Irish woman enters the household, Ethan’s life is changed forever.

This beautiful Colonial romance will hold you firmly in its grasp, from its heart wrenching beginning to its heartwarming end.


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Tressa played with the remains of her food. “So, if you’re not worried about being caught for hiding Heaton’s body, then what is on your mind?”

Ethan paused. How should he tell the most beautiful girl in the world that she deserved better? That she should not have to live being saddled with half a man? How could he tell the woman he loved more than life itself to find another, better man, to love?

“I cannot be what you want me to be,” he finally whispered.

Tressa was quite taken aback. “What do I want you to be?”

He looked into his lap and down at his broken body. “I am not a man. I cannot be a husband. You deserve a man who…who is whole.”

Tressa stared at his despondent face for a moment and then spoke.  “You think intercourse is what makes a man? That the use of your manhood is the only way to show a woman your love?” She shook her head.

Ethan turned several shades of red to hear a lady boldly discussing such intimate topics.

“Well, sir, you have plenty to learn and I think you need to start learning it now. I was never looking for a husband. But then I found you.” Tressa stood up and, taking the handles of the wheeled chair, pushed the uninformed young man to his bedchamber and then leapt onto the bed.

Ethan’s eyes nearly popped out of his head to see a woman, specifically this woman, lying on his bed, her head propped up on one arm.

“Undress,” she commanded, staring him down, her eyes daring him to comply.

“I um…I really—” he stammered, knowing full well this was improper.

“I was a married woman. I’ve had a child. I am not exactly a virgin, so undress.” Tressa sat up and undid her bodice. Ethan opened his mouth, but nothing came out. Tressa stood up and dropped her frock to the floor. She kicked her shoes across the room and, dressed only in her chemise, straddled Ethan’s lap and began to kiss him.

She kissed his lips, his nose, his cheeks, and his neck. “I am going to show you how much I love you and how little I care about that damned invalid chair. You have to stop tying your self-worth to those crippled legs and, if I have my way, you will learn that lesson this very instant.”

When Tressa began to nibble on his ear, Ethan came out of his state of shock. He felt things he’d never felt before. Never mind that nothing worked from the hips down, he felt tingling all the way to his toes. He instantly wrapped his arms around her and began to ardently return her kisses and nibbles.

Within minutes, Tressa had his shirt and vest unbuttoned, off his arms and shoulders, and hanging from his waistband. She ran her hands over his chest, playing with his nipples with her thumbs.

Ethan had no idea what happened to him. He dealt with a total onslaught of emotions. This woman was all he’d ever wanted and, until five minutes ago, he thought her unattainable. But here she sat, half naked on his lap, kissing him in ways he never thought possible. Her playing with his nipples drove him to distraction. He could not stand it anymore. He wanted all of her and he wanted her now!

“Alright, my lady,” he groaned. “Up in the bed.”

She obliged, completing her undressing in one stroke and then helped him to the bed and stripped him of his trousers. Naked, he explored every region of her, not holding anything back. He put his complete and amazing love into every touch, every kiss, and every nibble.

Ethan might have a broken body, but there was nothing broken about his deep and undying love for this Irish woman. In one evening, she proved to him beyond a shadow of a doubt that his manhood was not limited to one region of his body, and that making love was a total body experience.


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